Digital printing material: The advantages for your business

Digital printing flyers that support your campaign

Achieving strong growth for any business is often a challenge. Having a business strategy, marketing strategy and retaining clients requires a strong team, a well-thought-out plan and the ability to adapt and grow as your business and industry do. Being able to underpin your marketing strategy with a reliable digital printing team can often work wonders for your campaigns and offers and attract your target audience. But what are the advantages of digital print, and how can you successfully use this in your business to grow your audience and achieve growth?

This month, BobCat Digital takes a look at different ways you can use print for your business and the advantages of working with an experienced digital print company to get the right message and branding across to your audience. 

If you have a business campaign on the horizon, whether you are promoting a new product or service or you are trying to attract a wider client base to your business, investing in good quality marketing materials is often at the heart of your campaign. Being able to drum up awareness and promote your business in the run-up to your promotion is key to ensuring your target audience is aware of you and your brand and has a vested interest in what you have to offer. 

Brochures that showcase the best of your company

Do you have something to say about your business? Are you looking for a way to promote all your services and products in one easy-to-read booklet that your clients can take away with them? Brochure printing and design is still very popular within businesses as they offer a platform to entice your clients and showcase products in a succinct way.

Brochures are often used to showcase the best of a company. They highlight the products and services of a business, its achievements, and its mission. They are used to show a company’s brand and the values that they stand for. Digital printing brochures are one of the most important marketing tools for businesses, which is why they should be created with care.

Working with a print team like BobCat Digital on the design, colour and content for your brochures will ensure you can promote your business and offers, not just during your campaign but into the future as well. We will support you in effectively designing your brochure to get the most from your marketing material. Our print services support and protect the environment, so when you work with us, you can be sure you are making a conscious effort to follow your environmental policy.

The advantages of digital printing services

Different to litho printing, which uses wet ink, digital print offers a different approach to creating beautiful marketing materials. Digital printing involves using pixelated images that are assembled on your print product. Here are just some of the advantages of digital print services:


Digital printing is much faster than traditional printing methods that use plates. When you choose digital print, our team will design and create your image before uploading a file to the printer, before letting the printer do the rest of the work. 

Complete customisation

Being able to personalise your project completely is very important to many businesses. Our clients are individual and unique, so why shouldn’t our print products offer the same? Printing allows you to personalise each product, whether you are using it for direct mail marketing or individual branding products. 

Higher quality images

As the digital printer works from one high res image, it negates the worry of having a lower quality image that traditional printing brings. The non-contact process allows for less distortion, and the finish is sharper and more precise than litho printing. 


Digital printing offers fewer production processes than its litho printing counterpart. This makes it more cost-effective to achieve your final look than traditional printing methods. 

Environmentally friendly

Choosing to use digital print for your marketing material will also protect the environment. Digital printing is more sustainable as it uses less energy, produces less waste and offers a reduced carbon footprint than traditional printing methods such as litho printing.

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BobCat Digital offer high-quality digital printing services

When it comes to high-quality print work, no one beats the quality printing services offered by BobCat Digital. A business with over nine years of experience in the print industry, BobCat Digital offers a wide range of digital print services. Whether you need a small run of business cards or you want to print several thousand brochures to distribute, BobCat Digital can give you the quality you need without the expensive price tag.

Have you ever noticed the high cost of commercial printing? If so, you know that one small error in the design can be costly and time-consuming to correct. That’s why printing your work digitally can save you time and money while helping you achieve the look you want. When you choose BobCat Digital, you can be assured of quality digital print work that meets your deadlines and even surpasses your expectations. Get in touch with us today to discuss your next digital print project. 

Frequently Asked Questions | Vehicle Branding | BobCat Digital

vehicle branding

What is vehicle branding?

Making a great lasting first impression is key! A vehicle isn’t just a method of transport; it is an excellent marketing opportunity for your business.

If you are a new business just starting up or a long-established company, vehicle graphics are a great way to advertise and market your business to consumers.

Having your brand on your vehicle is a very popular and extremely effective way to market your business. Print your brand so everyone can see it! 

Can vehicle branding cause damage to my vehicle?

No, vehicle branding will not damage your vehicle. In fact, it will protect the paint job that it is applied to. Your paintwork will be in the same condition as it was when the wrap was first applied, so there is no need to worry about vehicle damage.

Our expert and professional team will ensure that your vehicle branding is applied and removed correctly, and therefore you won’t have any damage to your vehicle. 

Can vehicle branding be removed?

Yes, vehicle branding can be removed at any time that you wish. We can remove or replace your graphics or artwork. Our expert and professional team will ensure that your vehicle branding is removed correctly, and therefore you won’t have any damage to your vehicle.

Your paintwork will be in the same condition as it was when the wrap was first applied. 

Am I able to choose my own vehicle branding?

Yes, you can choose your own vehicle branding. Let Bobcat Digital help your vehicle stop traffic with eye-catching graphics. Get in touch with our expert team today so we can discuss what you would like on your vehicle branding. We will ensure that you get the best from your vehicle. We can help you with all your vehicle branding needs!

Do you design everything onsite?

Yes, we design everything onsite. Our in-house design experts have an extensive amount of knowledge and experience to ensure that your ideas and concepts are fully incorporated into your products.

We can help and support you to create and design your brand, including logos, clothing, and embroidery designs. At Bobcat Digital, we have design services to help you. We want you to be happy and proud of your designs. 

How long will my vehicle wrapping last?

For a typical vehicle, the lifespan is between three to five years. This depends on the amount of wear it sustains from daily use and the climate and exposure it experiences.

If a wrap is well taken care of, it can last much longer. Perforated vinyl, even with a protective clear laminate, typically deteriorates quicker than regular wrap vinyl. Perforated window graphics typically last six months to two years, depending on both care and exposure. 

Who do I need to tell about my vehicle branding?

If you have a big new idea, speak to our design and graphic experts. We would love to hear from you so we can discuss the ideas you have. We want to help you by using our trusted printer to make your vehicle look incredible and get noticed by many consumers on a daily basis. 

What are the benefits of vehicle branding?

There are a number of benefits of vehicle branding. One of the main benefits includes increasing your brand awareness. Vehicle branding can strengthen your brand identity while creating unique marketing opportunities.

Vehicle wraps are known as a vital way to boost name recognition up to fifteen times more than any other form of advertising. Passing motorists and pedestrians will notice colourful, attractive, and professionally designed branding.

If you are travelling to your work in your vehicle, parked, or in a traffic jam, your brand and message are being viewed by consumers around you. Effective vehicle branding provides memorable local advertising.

The consumers that are most likely to see your product or service advertising are those who live and work in the area where you operate the most. Another benefit is that you pay once, and it lasts for a long period of time. It has the potential to look great for five or more years.

Other advertising forms require you to keep spending more money. You can change your vehicle wraps as often or infrequently as you wish. This form of non-aggressive advertising is extremely cost-effective, will attract a wider audience and is very flexible.

Any graphics or artwork can be removed or replaced. Please get in contact with us today so we can talk you through all the benefits of vehicle branding that you need to know to make an informed decision. 

Can you wrap any vehicles?

Yes, at Bobcat Digital, we can wrap any vehicle you own that you wish to be wrapped. Vehicle wrapping is becoming super popular due to its versatility and flexibility.

This is a cost-effective and natural introduction to clients. For any vehicle, we can offer you a number of services. For example, vehicle graphics, wraps, magnetic signs, fleet branding, window stickers and car signwriting.

Get in contact today to discuss your ideas for your vehicle wrap, and we can talk about them. 

Will a vehicle wrap protect my vehicle?

Yes, a vehicle wrap will protect the paint job to which it has been applied. Our expert and professional team will ensure that your vehicle branding is applied and removed correctly, and therefore you won’t have any damage to your vehicle. Your paintwork will be in the same condition as when the wrap was first applied.

Exhibition marketing materials to set you apart from competitor stands

Marketing materials that are flexible for you and your events

In today’s world, where many businesses are moving online, it can be easy to forget that exhibitions and trade shows still exist and make a big impression on companies and buyers. Meeting your potential leads in person, having 121 conversations with them and showing off your unique products and services can bring about working relationships in a much more convenient way than digital marketing can. But to do that, you will need some creative marketing materials that make your customers stop and talk to you before moving on to the next company. 

This month, Bobcat Digital take a look at the marketing materials you will need for an event and how we can help you create designs that will stand out, make a positive impact and draw your customers in from the get-go. All you need to do is convert them.

Marketing materials that are designed in the right way can not only speak volumes about your business, but they can be transferred from event to exhibition and used time and time again – making them incredibly cost-effective and flexible. By keeping your branding the same, you will be more recognisable to customers who have met you before! Interactive brochures, large format signage and promotional products are perfect for any event or exhibition. 

Make a significant first impact with large format printing

The first thing you need to consider for your event is large format printing. Having an impressive sign above your stand that pulls your customers in from the moment they see it already gets you off to a good start above your competitors. 

Key things to consider for your large format sign

Colour scheme – Choose a bright and bold colour scheme but avoid clashing colours as this could make potential clients avoid you. Choose colours from your branding so that you are recognisable at a distance.  

Size – The idea behind this signage is to be noticeable to your customers from the beginning. Bobcat Digital can advise you on the perfect size for your large format signs at your event. Choosing a sign that is too small will affect your marketing negatively, and you may not be seen immediately.

Wording – What will you include on your large format sign to give information but still stand out? Draw your customers in with any potential offers or cleverly worded text, so they strike up a conversation with you. 

Placement – Think about where your sign will be placed – speak to the event organiser. Will you have space above your stand to hang your sign? Will it be going in the main foyer, or will you have to include this at the event stand you already have? This will affect sizing and colours. 

As you can see from the list above, there is a lot to consider when choosing your large format signage details, and you will need to work with a professional team who can deliver on quality, cost and advice throughout the project. Bobcat Digital has a lot of experience working with companies attending trade shows and events and know exactly what you need to stand out from your competitors. 

Promotional marketing materials for your leads to remember you 

We have all been to events and have been handed a promotional mug, coaster or mouse mat that we proudly take back into work to display at our desks. These promotional types of marketing materials have an underlying psychological success rate as they naturally remind your potential clients of your business and market presence long after the event has finished. Choosing tastefully designed and valuable marketing materials could mean a follow-up phone call in a few months that you were not expecting. 

Choose your promotional items carefully to avoid them being thrown in the bin after your potential lead has left the event. Think about what your staff use every day at their desks that you could encapsulate your business or branding on. Mugs, pens, notebooks and coasters are brilliant for passive advertising, whereas stress balls, postcards, or sweets are likely to be discarded when the event is over. Try to choose marketing materials relevant to your target market industry – something they are likely to use and let your imagination (and Bobcat Digital) do the rest! 

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Bobcat Digital design and create all your marketing materials

At Bobcat Digital, we wholly believe that our level of service sets us apart from our competitors. Whether you are a first-time print buyer who has a marketing materials list, or you have been purchasing materials for many years, we get to know you and your business, including what would make the perfect materials for you. Our reputation for listening to our clients and supporting them with advice and guidance to make the right choices is second to none. 

There is nothing more important than a happy recommendation from a loyal customer. Our testimonials prove we have many satisfied customers who often come back to us with repeat businesses or referrals to work with others who need our digital printing services. If you know exactly what you are looking for in the printing world, great. Give us your ideas, and we will work with you to make them happen effectively.

If you have no clue what you are looking for and need our advice and guidance throughout your printing project, we can support you to make you happy with the process and your finished products. Get in touch with Bobcat Digital today to make your event stand out from your competitors.